Tim Wannacott is one of lifes true gentlement in the full sense of the word, even his dress shows his impecable style, our chauffeur driver Steve was requested to drive Tim from the country hotel where he was staying, to the Hay On Wye festival, Steve drives a luxurious 7 series BMW which is suitably fitting for a gentlemant of Mr Wannacott’s calibre.

After an afternoon at the festival, Steve returned to collect Tim from Hay On Wye and return him to his hotel in style.

Andy Cars Taxi with Tim Wannacott

Tim was born in Barnstable, North Devon on May 6th 1953.

He was born deep in the heart of the Wonnacott ancestral roots and followed in the family footsteps to become an auctioneer.

Tim Joined Sothebys in 1978 and was made a Director in 1985, he went on to be the sole Chairman of the Sotheby South division. He left after 25 years to form his own company Tim Wannacott & Associates.

He joined the BBC Antiques Roadshow in the early 90’s as one of their expert valuers and quickly stamped his personality and style into the programme, much like Arthur Negus before him.

A decade on and Tim, who had often filled guest spots on other related programmes, became the presenter of BBC Bargain Hunt. His original contract was just 30 shows, his charisma and popularity has allowed this to be extended to over 350 shows, Tim is now the narrator of The Antiques Road Trip.